Server & Database Dashboards

See realtime graphical views of all SQL Servers and Azure SQL Databases across your estate. Simple visualizations let you know how everything is running.

24*7 Monitoring

miniDBA Server is a Windows Service that collects data from all your SQL Servers constantly and raises configurable alerts around the clock

100+ metrics

View live metrics and trends of connections, CPU, waits, memory, storage, disk latency and many more

Live Queries

See not only what queries are being executed by who but also drill down into their live execution plan.

Realtime Index Use

Watch which indexes are currently in use to better understand live workloads and tuning requirements

Desktop & Mobile

See low level performance metrics in our rich desktop application (miniDBA Desktop) and also see all alerts & high level metrics while on the move using miniDBA Server & Web Monitor


Increase the speed of your servers and applications

Slowest Queries

miniDBA shows you the slowest queries and tell you what made them slow: CPU, IO, memory contention etc. View slowest queries across entire server or just a single database.
Execution plan analysis tools let you view execution plans and drill down into the slowest plan operators.

Wait Statistics

Apart from seeing live resource waits on your servers miniDBA shows you total servers waits so you can target the resources causing the most problems.
Are you servers normal? Compare your wait types metrics to global averages to see if your servers fall outside of normal for most SQL Servers/Azure SQL Dbs.

50+ Health Checks

Instantly see your servers health by running server and database level health checks in a single click. Best practises are analysed and reported on if not met.
Get notified of performance reducing T-SQL code and be given tips to fix the issues

Index Fragmentation Analysis

Tools like the index fragmentation heatmap (left) help you see not just the fragmentation level but also the size and how often the index is used to establish the importance of the index.
When combined with the real time index usage dashboard and the index maintenance dashboard you will quickly be defragging the indexes that matter when performance tuning.



Email, Slack, PagerDuty & more

Many alert integrations means that you choose how people are alerted - whatever means suits you best.

Custom SQL alerts

Unlimited alerts are possible as you can write your own in T-SQL. Whether it be a favourite diagnostic query or an application specific test.

Email Groups

Add email addresses to 1 or more email groups you create in the app. All alerts can choose whichever email addresses or groups to send to for complete flexibility.

High Detail Alert

See all performance metrics at the time of the alert being raised as well as all sessions & execution plans plus memory snapshot. miniDBA even looks up geographic IP details from failed login attempts.

Alert Presets

Choose from development or production preset so you never have to start from scratch when setting up a new servers alerts. Copy all alert settings from 1 server to another to save even more time.

Maintenace Windows

Set times when you do not want alerts to be raised either daily, weekly or ad-hoc


Increase the speed of your servers and applications

Enterprise View

Entire SQL Server & Azure SQL Database estate status displayed in 1 screen allows you to see where the pain is straight away. All current issues displayed in 1 place allows you to dig straight into any issues by simply drilling down through the app.

No Code

Save time by not writing any T-SQL to find your issues. Don't spend time remembering the syntax of DBCC commands or digging out the diagnostics query from the back of your toolbox.

Analyse History

  • Sampled data is stored and can be viewed in the History Viewer: performancecounters, waits, deadlocks & Sql are all available for performance analysis
  • Review historic saved data to plan scaling & increase the lifespan of your hardware
  • Monitor data is written to an internal database - no need to setup & license a logging database

Long Running & Blocking Queries

See likely candidates for what is causing problems with their T-SQL and execution plans. Kill them from in app with a click.

Reduce Your Workload

Minor alerts will warn you before before issues become critical enabling you to pre-emptively fix issues.



Lower cost of ownership

From $5 USD per server per month subscriptions are competitive in an expensive market.

No Technical Lock-In

Subscription model and lower TCO per year ensures no lock-in as migrating to another product is fine.

Unlimited desktop users

Unlimited desktop users for free when using miniDBA Server as their data source.

High quality support

High quality support from onboarding onwards with a customer success consultant.

Ease of setup

No backend databases are required for mini DBA to save it's data - just install in afew clicks and it takes care of itself

Mobile Monitoring

On the go alert monitoring with web monitor
  • 40+ Performance Dashboards
  • 75+ Server & DB Health checks
  • Live SQL Queries/Sessions
  • Live Execution Plan Analysis
  • Live Query Statistics
  • Always On Replication Health
  • Elastic Pool use analysis
  • Total & Current Resource Waits
  • Compare Waits to Global Averages
  • Top/Slowest SQL (Speed, IO, CPU)
  • Query Load By CPU Core
  • Memory Performance
  • IO Performance by Files & Drive
  • Auto Capture of Default Trace Events
  • SQL Server Error Log Reader
  • Supports SQL Server 2008+, Azure SQL Database & Managed Instance
  • Configure & Raise Unlimited Alerts
  • Production & Development Alerts Presets
  • Create Custom SQL Healthchecks
  • Jira integration
  • Email Notifications
  • Slack Notifications
  • PagerDuty Notifications
  • Alert To Windows Event Log
  • Alerts Ignore Filtered Out Dbs
  • Alerts Show All Metrics When Raised
  • Always On Replica & Db Performance
  • Deadlock Detection & Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Compare your servers performance to community averages
  • Report Generation Tool (XLSX/CSV/PDF)
  • Index Use & Fragmentation Views
  • Scheduled Index Maintenance Jobs
  • Replay Historic Metrics Performance
  • Calendar View of SQL Agent Jobs
  • View SQL Agent Job Performance & History
  • View SSRS Performance & History
  • Remote Server Processes List (Task Manager View)
  • Unlimited Desktop/Web Clients
  • Team Workflow Supported (Comments on alerts)
  • Easy Licensing